Browser playback is compromised by the browser opening a new window with advertising, and then spawning a popup with still more ads when the player closes. We need a little utility that lets the user select a Media Player, then opens an audio file cleanly with no ad popup window.

Selecting a Media Player at and at


Here's an example of choosing a Media Player at (Click on the speaker icon.) If you do not have a particular media player, you will be prompted to download it and install it.

Slugger O'Toole Choose a media player

Here's the javascript that invokes this choice of media player. You also need some middleware code on the server

<a href=""
onClick="'','','resizable,height=60,width=290,left=100,top=100',true); return false">
<img src="" border="0" alt="Choose a media player"><a/>

Alternatively, we can open audio in the same window by setting the Media Player size attributes to height="0" and width="0", but then no controls appear to pause and stop the audio.

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