The mission of is to give you the resources you need to put audio files into your weblog and other web pages. It grew out of efforts to help Christopher Lydon put audio interviews into his blog and to build his website.

Our ideal is to capture, edit (at least mark start and end points), and deploy audio through a browser interface, but you may need cooperating server middleware (implementing SoX and transcode, for example). We will also survey desktop tools.

Browser playback is compromised by the browser opening a new window with advertising, and spawning a popup on window close with still more ads. We need a little utility that lets the user set a Media Player, then opens an audio file cleanly with no ad popup window. Alternatively, we can open audio in the same window by setting the Media Player size attributes to height="0" and width="0", but then no controls appear to pause and stop the audio.

Phone to Blog tools, including Audblog and Voice Monkey are hosted services that provide bloggers with the ability to post audio to their blogs from any phone. All you have to do is call their numbers and speak. They record an audio file and provide you with a link to it.

VoIP (Voice over IP) or Internet telephony will be a critical element of future BlogAudio efforts. In principle, we need only record the VoIP streams, edit them a little, then post audio files. VoIP should also bring the realization of "talk radio," with live listener call-ins, to the web.

RSS Enclosures allow you to have audio links appear automatically in your Aggregator/News Reader.

Harold Gilchrist pioneered the concept of an Audioblogging Gateway on his Audioblogging/Mobileblogging News site. He presented demonstrations of his work at BloggerCon 2003. He used the Freedom applet in a browser to capture audio from his laptop, upload it to his server, and post it there in three different audio formats.

Jon Udell has been quoting audio/video snippets (from Real Media files) for some months. It is a very difficult process at this time, but Jon's approach does not need a server to capture any media. He just hyperlinks to a media file and gives it start and end points.

Christopher Lydon started adding audio to his Interviews Blog in July 2003. He launched in October 2003

Bob Doyle has led a BlogRadio Studio research program to identify the best audio recording tools for Chris - microphones, headphones, MiniDisc and MP3 recorders, telephone interfaces, computer audio interfaces (mostly USB), editing programs, MP3 compressors, etc.

Kevin Marks and Adam Curry are working on a way to collect RSS Enclosures into a folder, automagically download them into a connected iPod, and make them available for listening during a commute.

Audio blogs is a listing of some interesting sites using audioblogging. is a companion site addressing the problems of much larger video files.

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